summer opportunities

Don’t settle for another ordinary summer. The Navigators have many summer opportunities to help you stay connected, grow in your faith, and impact others during your summers. Here are two you should consider:

Summer Training Program

1 Timothy 4:7 says “train yourself in godliness,” and that is exactly what happens at a Navigators Summer Training Program (STP). The Illinois-Indiana Navigators STP is called Lake Geneva Summer and is held at the beginning of each summer.

Here are a couple videos about STP’s:

NavMissions overseas trips

Every summer Navigator students leave their homes, languages, cultures, and countries behind to take part in advancing the gospel to the ends of the earth. Summer missions are a key part of Navigator ministries on every continent (except Antarctica) and you have a part to play. In the past students and staff from Indiana and Illinois have gone on trips to Zambia, Japan, Mali, Central Asia, North Africa, Poland, and the Middle East.


RSS Verse of the Day

  • Leviticus 20:7-8
    Consecrate yourselves, therefore, and be holy, for I am the LORD your God. Keep my statutes and do them; I am the LORD who sanctifies you.

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